June 6, 2016

Antique engagement rings vs modern ones

When people decide to get married there is often a debate on the type of ring that they will purchase. Some women are not sure about the type that will look best on their hand. Some men have antique engagement rings that have been passed down in the family. At other times there may be a search for an old ring over a modern one. There are some couples, however, that are more inclined to go with a modern look. Each type has advantages and disadvantages.

The Long Lasting Antique Ring

The obvious advantage of an antique ring is the fact that it can last so long. Many of the antique engagement rings have been passed down in the family. They have lasted for generations so it should be easy to polish the ring and keep it for another 50 or 60 years without any issues.

Another advantage is that antique engagement rings can be free when they are passed down from one family member to another. This can save couples a lot of money. People that are not as fortunate to have a ring passed down would have to search for antique engagement rings. Sometimes the prices could to low, but most of the vintage rings are costly. Sometime these rings even cost more than the new ones. It all just depends on where it is purchased.

Modern Rings Styles

People that buy modern rings for engagements have more choices and less of a wild chase in the search process. All that these people have to do is go to a local jeweler and start looking. They don’t have to search for Victorian or Edwardian engagement rings. They don’t have to stake out neighborhoods for estate sales or run around trying to find expense rings of the past.

The modern rings, at times, may seem a bit flashy in comparison to some of the older ones. This is the downside for brides that want to keep things simple. The upside of the modern ring is the variation. There are white gold, platinum and silver bands. All the different options give couples a lot more variety.
Both new and old rings have their advantages. People just have to decide what will work best for them. The budget and the amount of time they have will typically come into play. These things will eventually determine the ring type that is purchased.

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