April 12, 2016

The ultimate guide in choosing the best engagement ring for your proposal

The time comes in many relationships where the next step that is to be taken is to commit to one another as husband and wife. Though this is an emotional, personal and joint decision; it does set the stage for the ideal engagement and eventual wedding. In fact, you can get the celebration off to a great start by making sure you have one of the countless engagement rings on hand when you go to pop that all important question to your loved one. Engagement rings are available in various sizes, shapes, styles, colors and price ranges that regardless of what your style and income is; there are engagement rings out there to meet your needs and spark that glimmer in the eye of your fiancee when you present her with the ultimate symbol of committed love.

The best way to approach deciding among the various engagement rings that are available is to start by thinking about an appropriate price range that fits in to your budget. Though you can finance engagement rings, you want to make sure that the money you spend is a level you can comfortably afford as you will have additional costs down the road as plan your wedding and work on building a life together. Engagement rings come in so many options mainly due to the fact that not everyone can afford to spend the same amount of money. This is where you can start to pare down your options as you can eliminate so pricey engagement rings from your potential list and thus be able to focus on the ones you can afford.

You need to then take in to consideration the style and personality of your loved one. You can find a few clues by simply paying attention to her she dresses, what other types of jewelry she prefers and how she presents herself. one way to get a baseline idea is to determine if your future wife wears mainly gold or silver colored jewelry. This is an important decision that needs to be made early on in the process as you will find engagement rings in solid gold, platinum, silver and even white gold available to you. This first step is a great indicator as to how you want the rest of the ring to look and feel.

next up comes the style and design portion of the ring. You can take cues from your loved one. if you have a future bride who tends to prefer trendy styles and bold, vibrant looks; you want to take that in to consideration when shopping for just the right ring. In fact, if you are seeking out something eye catching and dramatic you can opt to have a wider band and smaller diamond to stick within your budget. This is a way for you to present a ring that has the same style your loved one prefers and thus you will make her feel extra special as it will be very clear that you have in fact been paying attention to how she dresses and accessorizes her outfits.

On the flip side, you can use traditional styles for someone who prefers to be a little more subdued in her appearance and thus tends to shy away from flashy or showy pieces. This is a way to get a better quality rind and diamond as you will not be aiming for the largest ring in the case; but rather one that is classic and made of a higher quality.

You can play around with diamond clarity, quality, cut and size as well. this too can give you a larger stone for less money if you are relying more on the setting to make the statement. If, however, you are using a very simple and plain setting; a larger stone needs to be of a better quality as it truly is the first thing that will be noticed. You can use ornate bands and settings to hide and even camouflage some diamond flaws if need be; and you can also use high settings to showcase high quality diamonds that truly deserve to speak for themselves as they are wonders of both art and nature all on their own. You can play around with various diamonds in various settings until you come up with just the right pairing that truly has the feel you want and the look you know will melt the heart of your beloved.

Engagement rings are one of those traditional forms of an engagement that is used to show the world that you and your loved one have made a pledge to enter in to marriage. This is why it is important and imperative to take the time to shop and compare rings properly and thoroughly. You want to make sure that the final choice is one that you are certain will bring out the biggest and most heartfelt smile you have ever seen cross the lips of your soon to be bride. The ring is what everyone will want to see once you make your engagement known and thus that is one of the reasons why simply choosing the first ring you see is not the best idea.

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Taking advantage of the fact that engagement rings are so personal and yet come in so many styles and options is why you will be able to pick just the right one provided you make sure to pay attention and choose wisely.


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