April 12, 2016

Top Antique Style Engagement Rings

Those looking for some beautiful engagement rings for their loved ones will be happy to know that there are a plenty of choices of exquisite and antique wedding and engagement rings available. Such unique rings are ideal for any person. In fact, customers will be amazed to see so many choices available matching their taste and sense of style. Those with a plan to try something new than those old-style cushion cuts and humdrum pears can explore the options of antique style engagement rings. Just as the retro clothing style rocks the present fashion world, these antique engagement rings are suitable for any couples. After all, this is a unique choice of old-fashioned engagement ring that anyone can not afford to consider.

When it comes to antique style engagement rings, customers may want to explore more about those stylish rings of different eras. Such antique rings not only have an inherent charm, stylishness, and elegance, but also are less expensive in contrast to those new era engagement rings. Take the example of the Victorian antique engagement rings. These beautiful antique jewelry pieces showcase delicate filigree and graceful designs. Most of these rings are set in yellow or rose gold with bold stones or crystals. In fact, these rings are simple yet classy at the same time. Choices of stones include diamonds, emeralds, and pearls. Even the classic Tiffany antique engagement rings include many Victorian engagement rings including those six-prong diamond solitaire rings, a hit in the mid 1880s.

Similarly, the antique Edwardian collections are another popular choice of antique engagement rings. These antique style engagement rings were introduced during the early 1900s when the oxyacetylene torch was invented. This was the time when platinum became a popular metal for making antique engagement rings. These collections boast a unique lacy design with pierced shapes, intricate filigree details, and scrollwork. Most of these rings feature bold and brilliant diamonds, rose-cut diamonds, and sapphires.

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Another popular choice of antique style engagement rings are those Art Deco Engagement Rings, introduced back in 1920. These designer engagement rings feature a unique geometric design with a unique style reflecting Native American culture. Most of these rings boast contrasting gemstones, colourful stones, and a streamlined look. Also, these Art Deco rings are a trendy choice of antique engagement rings, especially for young couples.

While looking for such antique engagement rings, it is advised to buy only from reputed and certified stores. Customers may want to explore more collections of vintage engagement rings by different jewellers in order to find a suitable ring for their loved ones.

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  1. I really love the intricate design of your rose gold engagement ring. Not every girl gets her dream engagement ring, so I am glad you got yours! Do you plan to keep it in the family, like an heirloom passed down from one generation to the next? That would be cool! Cheers!
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