November 23, 2015

Three Stone Engagement Rings

By its very definition, engagement is a pact between two parties agreeing to engage each other in trying to reach a definitive state of togetherness. Most commonly, engagement refers to the process prior to a marriage between a man and woman. Engagement is commonly practiced in traditional pre-arranged marriages and certain traditions where preparation leading to the actual marriage takes lengthy process. A process which in some instances, may take up to a year or more to go through.

November 2, 2015

Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

For almost as long as we can remember, diamond rings have played a very critical role in the engagement and courting process. There is literally nothing more that women who are interested in getting married are looking to find in a little box presented from the man of their dreams on one knee than a diamond ring. Pink diamond engagement rings are probably the sweetest that you can get that will sure make her heart melts.