November 24, 2016

Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Have you ever wondered why of all styles, vintage style engagement rings remain well loved by many? Here is why. One of the biggest problems of our modern world is that we have been distancing ourselves – almost on purpose – from our more traditional and historic roots. It seems like every single day there are more and more technological advantages or products that are invading our life, looking to push out the old way (and often much more personal way) of doing things. This has made our lives much more complex while also adding an incredible amount of stress and anxiety, just because we keep trying to find different things to plug up the holes our modern life has created. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way – especially when it comes to romance. The last thing you’d want to do is “outsource or modernize” your relationship with the woman of your dreams, and while there are serious benefits to going with the latest and greatest in any area, you’ll almost always get a much better reaction when you propose if you go with vintage style engagement rings.

Behind The Popularity of Vintage Style Engagement Rings

While engagement rings of all kinds have almost always been a critical symbol of love and respect between a man and woman, it wasn’t really until the early 1800s when diamond rings exploded onto the scene. They were almost always simpler settings that really radiated elegance and class without being too in your face or over the top. Some of this was because of the simple fact that most of the jewelers at the time did not have the incredible skill or access to the same technology and tools that we now do, but much of that simplicity and elegance was thanks to the time and effort it took to create each and every piece. Pink diamond engagement rings are probably the sweetest that you can get that will sure make her heart melts.

Vintage Style Engagement RingsVintage style engagement rings – even if they are made today and not antiques – have that same kind of simplistic appeal and classiness that you just don’t find with many of the modern options on the market today. Utilizing only the more traditional diamond cuts and shapes, vintage style engagement rings can really set your proposal apart from the experiences that all of her friends and family members have had.
While these are 100% less involved for outrageous than the more modern designs and looks that are often prominently displayed in jewelers shops around the globe, there is something more deeply personal and romantic about a simple setting, beautiful stones, and a precious metal that can push your choice over the top. Even if you cannot find vintage style engagement rings that have long and storied history, you can have some of the world’s more prominent jewelers create one that is inspired by this golden age of engagement rings. There are two main reasons why three stone engagement rings are well loved and have become popular picks by millions of engaging couples worldwide.

An interesting spend on vintage style engagement rings is to go with a traditional metal and setting but put in a more modern cut, but you should only approach this if you first worked closely with an experienced professional who can make sure that the finished vintage style engagement ring looks high-end and classy rather than confused and jumbled.

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  1. I don't wear much jewelry, but I love just about every piece you posted! My favorites are the hand-stamped ring, the & necklace.. and if I were a mom, I would absolutely want the necklace with my kids' handwriting.

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  2. I always find vintage jewellery unique and attracting. The style looks great everytime I wear or took it for someone else.

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