November 23, 2015

Three Stone Engagement Rings

By its very definition, engagement is a pact between two parties agreeing to engage each other in trying to reach a definitive state of togetherness. Most commonly, engagement refers to the process prior to a marriage between a man and woman. Engagement is commonly practiced in traditional pre-arranged marriages and certain traditions where preparation leading to the actual marriage takes lengthy process. A process which in some instances, may take up to a year or more to go through.

One item that must be present and is the symbol of an engagement itself, is engagement rings. There is no hard and fast rule as to how engagement rings should look like. One popular type is the three stone engagement rings.

Behind Three Stone Engagement Rings Popularity

There are two main reasons why three stone engagement rings are well loved and have become popular picks by millions of engaging couples worldwide. The first reason is of course the aesthetic side of a three stone engagement rings. Before settling yourself with three stone engagement rings, it is best that you open yourself to all the different styles available. While such rings as solitaire rings have become a universal choice among couples, non ordinary options such as pear shaped engagement rings, oval engagement rings and vintage style engagement rings are increasingly popular for couples looking for a break from the norms.

The second reason why couples like to go for three stone engagement rings is because of the meaning behind it. As you might probably have known it by now, three stone engagement rings are characterized by well, three diamond stones as the crowns of the rings. The three diamonds are usually of non-equal sizes. The most common three stone engagement rings model found has the middle stone of size bigger than its side stones.

Three Stone Engagement RingsThe stones found in such three stone engagement rings symbolize past, present and future, with the biggest one representing the present. Whether big means more important depends on one’s own interpretation.
If you dislike the idea that the present relationship should take more prominence that the past and future, you may want to look at three stone engagement rings featuring equal sizes for all the three stones. But keep in mind that since this option is an exception rather than the norm, your three stone engagement rings option may be more limited. Limited option does not mean bad options. It is likely that you might just find the perfect three stone engagement rings design that both you and your other half would fall in love with. Pink diamond engagement rings are probably the sweetest that you can get that will sure make her heart melts.

Choosing Three Stone Engagement Rings

At the core of any three stone engagement rings design are two factors to consider.

First and most important of all is the careful selection of the center diamond. Good designs of three stone engagement rings are usually ones where the middle stone sparkle and stands out from the other two. This means that you need to select a diamond with bigger carats for the centre piece. Other than the carat size, you need to choose the round or princess cuts. This will ensure that the center of your three stone engagement rings will be the brightest of all. An interesting spend on vintage style engagement rings is to go with a traditional metal and setting but put in a more modern cut.

The second most important factor is the type of setting that will hold the center diamond piece of your three stone engagement rings. The typical setting options are the bezel, prong or basket set. These settings are ideal for three stone engagement rings because their designs naturally gives the middle diamond stone the distinction it needs from the left and right stones.

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